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Swansea Radio Society – Swansea University's Amateur Radio Club

Swansea Radio Society - From Huw Richards GW4DWN

First of all congratulations on reviving the old Amateur Radio club again at the Swansea University.  

I wish you the very best of success with building the club and hope you get the interest and support from the Swansea community and students alike.

I remember the club 50 plus years ago mainly for the GB3GW 2m beacon that used to get fantastic reports in the UK and Europe, so to start the QTH is most certainly a plus for you as a club and operation.  Maybe you could reconsider re activating that again it used to send 3 long Carrier bursts then with the callsign and back to the Carrier again and so on.

So without saying anymore I would like to wish you the very best of success with the club and look forward to working you on the bands in the near future.  My QTH is just across the Swansea Bay in Briton ferry so I am sure you will be 59 plus. Best regards kind wishes, Huw.

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