GB3WW and Fusion on the West Wales repeater what will the group do to reduce interference? Switch off third-party FM users?

The Math. 

If the Loyal FM members over the last 40 years have been eradicated and there is 40 Fusion operators on the repeater and 50% are prepared to pay with being kind, the site fees and overheads as low as £1000 then the smoke room as our friends over the pond call it will come to £50 each. Please tell us more about the repeater in the comments below or publish your change for members old and new to know your full intentions as the GB3WW committee.

Questions about the C4FM System

So I’m still analog and have no plans to buy a new radio,  how will this affect my use of the System Fusion Repeaters?

Normal FM users will be able to co-exist with new digital radio users. The Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X repeater will automatically select the proper incoming mode and pass normal analog traffic or the new digital traffic automatically.

Part of the test is the Fusion’s ability to coexist with FM analog signals. FM users; just place your radio into full encode/decode to mask out any digital conversations. Please watch your busy light and hit your monitor button before transmitting. A CARRIER FOR INTERFERENCE IS WORSE WITH FUSION. 

Digital users are required to run their rigs in AMS (auto mode select) mode. That way an analog user can jump in and say ‘break’ in-between digi transmissions. In this example, the analog FM user key’s up the DR-1X repeater and this will normally force the DR-X repeater and other users listening in the AMS mode back over to regular analog FM.  Read more here

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  1. Hi to all the subscribers here, I would like to pass on a few thoughts that the WW committee felt we had to try to increase activity on WW.
    As we all know it has been plagued with QRM issues for many years, John Doyle has worked tirelessy in his attempts to eradicate the problem but found it very difficult to get the help needed to prosecute the culprit/s, we do know who one is at least but unless we catch him with microphone in hand then its very difficult to prove.

    When I took on the NOV (Chris MW0HAC) in July 2017 I thought why not try a different approach and see if we could raise the cash for a Fusion repeater, and run it on C4FM only for a little while and see if this mainly increases activity and decreases QRM as C4FM is not on your Baofeng £20.00 pound radio and takes investment to operate.

    Before the fundraising commenced I contacted the ETCC and asked for their comments and has this tact been tried elsewhere, and to my delight I was told a notoriously abused repeater in the North of England has done the same thing and now thriving with activity of the good kind (no QRM ) hurray.

    All I am asking is to lets give it a go, if it works great, we can then try the step of turning on FM again and review it quarterly, with the hope of in time connecting Wires X and opening the repeater to the world.

    If it fails at least we can say we gave it a go as doing nothing in my opinion just would of in the end killed off WW for good.

    I hope you give it a chance and to the guys that do I hope you really enjoy it on what is a flagship site,

    73s to all peace & respect Chris (MW0HAC)

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