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  1. 27 FEB 2016 Just come off the NET prior to the VMARS, a poor QSO this morning with a SSB contest causing considerable QRM, I could not believe the difference between hack green and here the difference of QRM being a lot less here. In the QSO this morning was G4GEN Alan, G0YMK Martin and M1PVC Paul, Again thanks for your patients with my signal.

  2. VMARS NET 27/2/2016 Net control was G0TBI Steward on frequency 3.6150 was M0WSN with DX100 and Eddistone RX, G3TSK Colin operating his 19 set, G3YYH Tony with his 52 set, G6AVI Bob with his home brew 813 transmitter and Collins 75A3, G4JSX Martin using Redifon driver Home Brew linear 75 watts carrier with R551 Rx, MW0XHO John with R210 and 1509 TX, M0MGA, GW2HFR Jonathan G4GEN Alan,

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