Amateur Radio South Wales
Amateur Radio from GW4DWN South Wales
Cool Frequency Great People 40 Meters at It's Best

The Station.

The Radio station consists of the following.

Transmitter Receiver Kenwood TS2000 driving a ceramic triode Russian GS35 forced air cooled. The Antenna is a doublet and also a 3 ELE Beam for the HF bands. 

About GW4DWN.

My name is Huw Richards and a Radio Amateur living in Briton Ferry, Neath Port Talbot.
Many of the local people in Briton Ferry wonder what the large array of aerials are above the home and to the point we have had a few asking what TV channels would they receive if they were to have the same.
With this website I hope to explain a little about amateur radio with the use of videos and more.

qth gw4dwn
A View Looking South above the Briton Ferry QTH in Neath Port Talbot at about 175 feet
GW4DWN North View
A View to the North above the QTH of GW4DWN