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Here I have compiled a selection of Amateur Radio Video for your viewing and enjoyment, I would like to say a big thank’s to all who have contributed to Youtube to make this site possible.

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Amateur Radio Video’s

This short video is designed to give an overview of amateur radio in the UK, and how to get started in the hobby. It's been produced as part of training material to promote amateur radio by
RSGB Video - Youtube

 Whether you enjoy writing software, getting hands-on with practical equipment, developing new technology or simply want to use what’s already there to communicate with others across the world, you’ll find all of this – and more – within amateur radio. It is also great fun. Why don’t you try it?

An introduction to Amateur Radio and the many possibilities it offers for learning, safety and security, and helping others throughout our world. Join us for this journey that takes us through a brief history of communications technology and then into the many exciting opportunities that the world of ham radio has to offer today.